post Excelsior #17 – Doom Ties One On, Part V

August 5th, 2012

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This week, Doom might be trying to express some standards in his interpersonal relationships, but it’s total garbage.

Doom once married Silver Surfer’s gal just to be a dick. That’s so high school, Vic. This one came from Fantastic Fourcast. Lotta similar gags in there to the ones I’ve used in Excelsior so far. I guess great minds (or at least smart asses) think alike.

“Peasants, bring Doom his smiley gloating mask!”
Then there was this bit recently.

Hands on hips does NOT mean just friends, Victor.  Everybody know that. Plus, the Scarlet Witch is not a sensible ride. Super hot and crazy is one thing. Super hot and reality bending crazy is quite another.

Nothing is quite so low as this bit from Comic Book Resources though.

You suck, Doom.

Speaking of which.


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